Full Mouth Rehabilitation

There are very few dentists that possess the skill and confidence required to perform a full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Kenny has successfully completed many of these amazing transformations over the years. There are 3 main reasons that a person might need this service……

  • the teeth have excessive wear and may even be shortened and flattened off….excessive wear and decreased tooth height causes degenerative damage to the jaw joint
  • patient has lost many teeth; things have shifted and the bite is now greatly compromised
  • teeth are crooked, discolored and worn and the patient desires a beautiful smile to bolster confidence and take years off their appearance



How is a Full Mouth Rehabilitation Done?

Performing a full mouth rehabilitation from start to finish takes about 3 months. The first 4-6 weeks are spent wearing a mouth splint that puts the patient’s jaw in the desired bite relationship. This tests the jaw joint’s tolerance to the proposed new bite. While it is important to do this 100% reversible step, Dr. Kenny’s experience has been that in EVERY case the patients have reported an increase in comfort that they did not know was lacking or possible.

Once the joint has been tested in this manner, the back teeth are all prepared for their restorations in a single visit. The patient then wears these crowns for a couple of weeks (prior to altering the front teeth) to make sure that the bite is perfect. The final step is to place beautiful restorations on the front teeth. So, while the time span, start to finish, is a little lengthy, not too much of that time is actually spent in the dental office. It is possible to complete this task with as few as 6 office visits. What a life changing procedure in a short period of time and all with no invasive surgery!