Dental Implant Restorations

When permanent teeth are lost, regardless of the reason or the number of teeth lost, dental implants can be a great alternative to replace them. Implants can be used to replace each tooth individually, to support a fixed bridge or to support a removable prosthesis (denture). There are many advantages to using implants to replace missing teeth. These advantages include…..


  • the adjacent teeth are not affected at all (they don’t have to be reduced to support a bridge)
  • slows or prevents the bone resorption that naturally occurs at an extraction site
  • feels, functions and looks like you have your natural tooth back
  • for 35 years, has a success rate of over 95%
  • in some cases, may be the only alternative to having a removable appliance


How is an Implant Done?

While Dr. Kenny restores implants with beautiful crowns, she does not actually place the implant. You will be referred to a specialist that she will work very closely with on your behalf. Dr Kenny brings an implant specialist into her office once a month to accomodate her patients. At the placement appointment, the specialist will numb the area and surgically place the implant (which is a titanium post) into the jaw bone under the gums. This is relatively quick and atraumatic (even though it sounds scary – it really is not). The implant usually needs 3-4 months to become fully integrated (your bone attach to it so that it is strong). During this time, nothing is visible to you. You still have a space. If this is a back tooth, you might not even need a temporary replacement tooth. If it is a front tooth, you will have a temporary tooth for the area during the healing phase. After the implant is healed, the post can be placed which protrudes above the gums and will hold the new tooth. It is now time for Dr. Kenny to make you a beautiful crown that will rest on this post and restore your mouth to its original function.