Dental Cleanings


Routine & Deep Cleaning

Dr. Kenny feels very strongly about the link between oral health and overall body health. Oral health, or lack there of, has been linked to systemic illnesses such as coronary artery disease (heart disease), stroke, diabetes and even low birth weight in babies born to mothers with poor oral health. Therefore, Dr. Kenny and her staff will strive to work with you to help you achieve optimal oral health, which means not just great teeth but also healthy gums and bone.

Of course, the first step toward oral health is a complete exam with x-rays to determine what type of cleaning is best for you. If it’s been a while since you last saw a dentist, you may need more than a simple routine cleaning. The different type of cleanings that may be diagnosed for you are:..

  • Routine, single appointment cleaning
  • Cleaning I and II which requires a second cleaning appointment about 1 week after the first cleaning appointment
  • Deep Cleaning with anesthesia which requires 3 visits with about 1 week in between appointments

Once you have completed your appropriate cleanings, Dr. Kenny will then recommend a recare frequency that is best for you. For most people, having a dental cleaning every 6 months is adequate (that is the minimum standard of care). However, for some, it may be better to return every 4 months (or 3 times per year) or maybe even every 3 months (or 4 times per year). If you needed a deep cleaning, then an initial recare cycle of every 3 months is highly recommended. It is important to understand that your gums and bone are the support tissues for your teeth. Perfectly healthy teeth can be lost if the support tissues (gums and bone) are not healthy.

In addition to caring for your gums, there are several other big benefits to seeking routine cleanings and examinations. They include:..

  1. early detection of tooth problems so that repair is easier and less expensive
  2. screening for Oral Cancer at every recare appointment
  3. measurements to check for periodontal health are done once per year
  4. hygiene home care instructions can be given upon request (including the value of cleaning your tongue for fresher breath).

While it is our job to recommend treatment that is necessary to achieve optimal health, we will be glad to accommodate you with any modified plan that you are comfortable with.